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2020 Océan journée mondiale
The green economy and sustainable development media outlet, Afrik21, looked at one of the projects recently financed by the FFEM. On 29 March, the FFEM and the Regional Partnership for the Conservation of Coastal and Marine Areas (PRCM) cemented their commitment by signing the RESILAO project to protect coastal ecosystems in West Africa, pledging €2.6 million.

Driven by urbanisation, the machinery and equipment sectors, tourism, transport and the extractive industries, there has been intense development along the West African coastal areas. Pollution, flooding and erosion cause environmental degradation that is damaging to biodiversity and coastal-dependent communities. To slow this trend, the FFEM is co-financing the RESILAO project set up by the PRCM.

We’re looking for concrete solutions to be implemented on the ground and to facilitate dialogue between players. The PRCM is there to coordinate all this and capitalise on the specific solutions being put in place on the ground to disseminate good practices.

Stéphanie Bouziges Eschmann, Secretary-General of the FFEM

This 5-year partnership will focus on supporting innovative local projects to restore degraded coastal areas in Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Cape Verde, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. The aim is to support the capitalisation of projects and encourage experience-sharing between peers, with a view to enhancing the capabilities of local players.
Faced with ever-increasing pressures linked to climate change, this project should enable ecosystems and populations in West Africa to become more resilient through the blue solidarity economy, addressing social & sustainability aspects.