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Inauguration Mbakaou
On 14 April, the first private hydroelectric power plant under 5 MW was commissioned in the village of Mbakaou. In the presence of the Cameroonian Energy Minister and the European Union Ambassador, this FFEM-backed project is helping pave the way towards the country’s energy transition.

Despite the best intentions of the public authorities, in the last several years, no private investment project in low-power renewable energies had seen light of day in Cameroon. This is why, since 2016, the FFEM has been supporting a Cameroon-based private investment project in low-power renewable energies. Developed by IED-Invest, the project is helping unlock the sector for smaller independent power producers (IPP) in Cameroon.

Located in the Adamawa Region, the plant commissioned today will enable the provision of renewable electricity to 40,000 inhabitants in rural areas. And this is just the start of the project, as the intention is for the hydroelectric plant model to be replicated and adopted by Cameroonian developers.