Event to showcase the FFEM’s expertise

published on 25 November 2021
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Evènement Valorisation des Savoirs FFEM
On 16 November 2021, the FFEM presented the challenges and perspectives from its Evaluation and Capitalisation strategy using evaluations of 3 capitalisation approaches from previous projects. After over a year of interacting remotely, the FFEM team were delighted to be able to organise its very first event with partners and stakeholders - both in person and remote - broadcast simultaneously to online participants in some ten countries.

This hybrid event, a first within the AFD group, showcased testimony from our partners regarding the FFEM capitalisation exercise by highlighting the lessons learned from their experiences in the field along with the developments seen in the global challenges they face.
In this dynamic and interactive session, our presenters shared their overviews of different approaches to capitalisation, which also enabled upskilling and shared approaches leading to collectively-generated tools and knowledge to ultimately disseminate successful innovations and open up new opportunities for our beneficiaries, whose geographies and contexts are incredibly diverse.  

With an array of actors, issues and project participants, the event was devised around the following 3 themes:

  • The authenticity of the filmed approach to review and promote action in the field: experience from the Small-scale Initiatives Programme

With: Constance Corbier-Barthaux, FFEM / Eric Mounier, producer / Paul Estève, French Committee of the IUCN / Houda El Alaoui, IUCN Mediterranean


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  • The power of empirical, scientific analysis of 25 years of projects: the capitalisation experience on Marine Protected Areas

With: Clémentine Dardy, FFEM / Catherine Gabrié, PhD Oceanography / Thierry Clément, agronomist and forestry expert /Jean Goepp, Nebeday / Marie Romani, MedPAN


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  • The value of a multi-actor community in building collective knowledge and learning: the Mangrove Initiative experience

With: Janique Etienne, FFEM / Lisa Macera, CREOCEAN / Ebénézer Houndjinou, Corde NGO / Catherine Gabrié, PhD Oceanography


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To fuel scaling-up, replication, cascading and to share a whole rainbow of inspiration, the FFEM always seeks to disseminate, promote and communicate the knowledge and learnings drawn from its projects. This is the driver behind its new “Innovating - Experiencing - Sharing” collection, designed to harmonise communication practices and vectors while maximising coherence of the capitalisation underpinning its local sustainable development projects.