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The 10th edition of the Regional Coastal and Marine Forum (PRCM) opens today at Saly, in Senegal, bringing together the sector’s key players and decision-makers. This edition is dedicated to "The health of the oceans, a challenge for the sustainable development of West African coastal countries." The FFEM is an event partner and its projects will be showcased in a number of side events.

Organised by the IUCN, Birdlife International, the WACA programme, Wetlands International, RAMPAO and IBAP, the forum is delighted to be supported by Senegal’s Ministry for the Environment and Sustainable Development, the MAVA Foundation and the FFEM.

FFEM project highlights within the Forum;

Tuesday  29 March  

Side event “Plankton, Climate and Development” (16h15 – 18h00)
SE8 (Room 3)

Presentation by the Tara Foundation of the project supported by the FFEM

Wednesday 30 March

Signature of the Resilao project (FFEM ‐ PRCM) - Coastal resilience through sustainable initiatives (08h45 – 10h30)

Side event

SE11 (Room 1)

Side event “Natural Solutions and Coastal Resilience” (11h00 – 12h45)

SE7 (Room 3)

Presentation by Stéphanie Bouziges-Eschmann, Secretary-General of the FFEM
Presentation by Ebénézer Houndjinou, coordinator of the CORDE NGO, Hydrological restoration of Benin’s mangroves

Mangrove Day (16h15 – 18h00)
SE1 (Room 1)

Presentation of the FFEM’s Mangrove Initiative