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GUYANE © Didier Gentilhomme
Within the framework of the RENFORESAP project, coordinated by the Amazonian Park in partnership with Suriname and Guyana, whose innovative approach was supported by the FFEM, thematic overviews focused on the perspectives of protected areas have been developed. Three reports, each written in the three languages of the project (English, Dutch and French) are now available online.

RENFORESAP project is a multi-stakeholder and transnational approach amongst protected area managers of French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana. The project runs for three years (2018-2021) with the aim to strengthen the resilience of the forest and the livelihoods of the local populations in a context of increasing impacts of global change on the Guiana Shield ecosystems. Its overall objective is to reinforce the capacity of protected or conservation area management in order to meet the common challenges they face.

The regional workshops led to the production of 4 participatory thematic overviews on how best to support local development in isolated areas in terms of:

  • Participatory science for the sustainable management of natural resources in the Amazonian environment
  • Strategies against the threats from illegal gold mining
  • Transmission of living cultural heritage
  • Ecotourism development (to be published)

The success of RENFORESAP depends on the exchanges between all the stakeholders and protected areas teams of the 3 countries. Any contribution in terms of data and experiences on the 4 thematic areas of RENFORESAP will provide an overview of the challenges that each country face and will foster the sharing of experiences and opportunities.