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costa-rica mangroves-alexis rosenfeld
Janique Etienne, Head of marine and coastal ecosystems at the FFEM, was interviewed on “C’est pas du vent”, RFI’s environmental magazine, broadcast on 16 April.

Mangroves, those forests straddling seas and rivers, are amazing ecosystems. Prime breeding grounds for fish, they also protect coasts from erosion and natural disasters, store more carbon than the rainforests, and are a tourist attraction. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the world’s  most threatened ecosystems, with population growth in coastal regions leading to their overexploitation. 

Janique Etienne, Head of marine and coastal habitats at the FFEM, tells us about the challenges of protecting and restoring these precious ecosystems and how Nature-Based Solutions are providing the answers.

To discover more about mangrove restoration techniques our broadcast takes us to Costa Rica, where the FFEM is running a pilot project on the mangrove system in Térraba-Sierpe. Costa Rica’s Neotrópica Foundation is working with rural communities to balance  environmental protection and local development.

Guests :

  • Janique Etienne, Head of marine and coastal ecosystems at the FFEM
  • Ebenezer Houndjinou, Director of the NGO CoRDE , in charge of the mangrove restoration project in Benin’s Mono river delta region