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The publisher Documentation française is today publishing an information and recommendations report from the French National Observatory on the Effects of Climate Change (ONERC) for France's Prime Minister and parliament. It focuses on Nature-based Solutions (Sfn) for climate change adaptation. The FFEM contributed to this report through a case study of mangroves in Costa Rica and Benin.

The impacts of climate change on our planet are many and varied. Traditional, so-called “grey” engineering solutions to tackle this issue are widely known. However, there are other so-called “green” alternatives providing Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). The report analyses these solutions to give policymakers the means to implement climate change adaptation strategies in mainland France and French overseas territories.

The report also assesses France’s current knowledge of and expertise in NBS, illustrating these solutions through examples of specific projects in France and other countries. The FFEM enhances this knowledge through a case study based on the projects it supports in Costa Rica and Benin. The article describes how mangroves faced with erosion and submersion are being restored through natural regeneration.

In a broader sense, the FFEM has been stepping up its NBS initiatives since 2012 by sponsoring pilot projects primarily targeting these solutions, particularly for combating coastal erosion.

Rapport ONERC solutions fondées sur la nature