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Publication of The FFEM at a glance: find out all about the FFEM

El FFEM en pocas palabras
With 120 million euros of financial resources being allowed for the 2019-2022 period, the FFEM has just renewed its strategy and defined new priority guidelines. What are the new themes covered by the FFEM? How is it organized? How to work with the institution?

The "FFEM at a glance" offers an overview of the FFEM's activities, its areas of intervention, examples of supported projects, and its financing tools.

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Tara back from Pacific expedition with startling data: motley map of reef health

A bord de la goélette Tara
After two and a half years navigating the Pacific, where over 40% of our planet’s coral reefs are found, the schooner Tara returned on October 27. Led by the Tara Expeditions Foundation, the Tara Pacific expedition
has allowed scientists to study the impact of anthropogenic pressures on Pacific coral reefs using a novel approach on an unprecedented scale.
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Visuel AMP OIO 2011-2016 – Vanuatu,Port-Vila © D.Richard, FFEM
A regional project located in Benin, Gabon, Kenya and Uganda implemented by Expertise France with FFEM and AFD financing. The project aims to assist these four African countries in their processes to prepare a low-carbon and climate-resilient development strategy.
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PhytoTrade Africa

panier de Marula
By partnering with the initiative led by PhytoTrade Africa, FFEM and AFD aim to demonstrate that promoting certain natural products and traditional knowledge, in a concerted and responsible manner, contributes to both preserving the ecosystems they come from, curbing deforestation, and also to increasing incomes for rural communities, who are the first beneficiaries.
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Mobilise Your City

Projet MYC
Mobilise Your City (MYC) is an initiative made up of an alliance of international partners (development agencies and banks, transport planning agencies and NGOs). It was launched at COP21 by the French and German Governments. It assists national and local governments in emerging and developing countries in planning sustainable urban mobility. Thanks to its activities, Mobilise Your City contributes to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in urban transport and promotes the development of inclusive, livable and economically efficient cities.
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