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Reducing the environmental impacts of the Ylang-Ylang essential oil distillation sectors by improving the structuring and distribution of added value in these sectors.
The project aims to promote a more sustainable development of the Union of the Comoros.

The Ylang-Ylang essential oil production sector is crucial to the Union of the Comoros, as it accounts for 20% of the country’s export revenues and provides employment for 10% of the working population on the islands of Anjouan and Mohéli.

The distillation of the Ylang-Ylang flower is mainly conducted by artisan distillers, who consume large quantities of wood and account for a significant proportion of the country’s deforestation (10 to 15%).
This weakens the ecosystems and biodiversity in the Comoros.


The project is based on 3 areas: the development of a High Environmental Quality approach, the strengthening of the sector, and the creation of dynamics of exchanges of experience on essential oil production. 

It more specifically targets:

  • The distribution of energy-efficient equipment (UDAFE – Energy-efficient Kiln Distillation Unit), integrating quality control and performance monitoring, and the creation of a sustainable fuelwood supply sector. 
  • The strengthening of the local sector and support for the creation of a high-quality sector respecting a charter (environmental, social, oil quality) by actors upstream in the sector. 
  • The creation in the Indian Ocean of a network of exchanges on the achievements and lessons learned in terms of supporting decentralized distillation sectors. 
  • At least 50% of wood is saved in 48 energy-efficient distillation units (UDAFE).
  • A new UDAFE model is developed and reduces local wood consumption by two-thirds.
  • 100 distillation operators benefit from skills training in how to use UDAFE.
  • 50 distillers are trained in business management.
  • 200,000 trees are planted.
  • A social, economic and technical charter is adopted by actors upstream and downstream in the sector.
Project start date
Project end date
Project grant date
4 ans
Duration of funding
Financing Tool
1 915 625 EUR
Amount of the program
574 000
Amount of FFEM funding
In progress
Initiative Développement
Agence Française de Développement
Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition
Institution responsible

Chargé de projets – Dominique Richard 
Tél : +33 (0)1 53 44 37 65

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