About us

An international partner working for the global environment and sustainable development

The French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM) has had a mandate to promote the protection of the global environment in developing countries since its creation by the French Government in 1994.

This interministerial financial instrument serves the French cooperation and development policy. It has a unique position in the landscape of bilateral international donors. It stands out from other public and even private initiatives by placing innovation at the center of its action.
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Province Sud Nouvelle Caledonie
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Our missions

For 24 years, FFEM has been working to reconcile the conservation of the environment and sustainable development in developing and emerging countries.

FFEM has set the priority of acting to protect the global environment in order to promote sustainable economic and social development in the countries where it operates.
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Ville de Cali, Colombie

Our strategic priorities

To finance operations that reconcile the protection of the global environment and economic growth in the countries where it operates, FFEM has historically focused its operations on the fields of climate, biodiversity, international waters, land degradation, chemical pollutants and the stratospheric ozone layer.

In 2019, a new strategic programming framework covering the period 2019-2022 prioritized the activities financed by FFEM on the basis of 5 thematic areas:
- Protection and enhancement of biodiversity
- Sustainable forests and agricultural lands
- Resilience of aquatic ecosystems
- Energy transition and resilient cities
- Product life cycle, pollution, and wastes

Furthermore, for any given theme, the FFEM pays special attention to the following tools or procedures for innovation:
- Digital technologies
- Nature-based solutions
- Frugal innovation
- The “One Health” approach

Our strategic priorities
Madagascar, Morarano PN Andringitra

From 1994 to today

FFEM was created by the French Government in 1994, following the first Earth Summit in Rio held in 1992.

During this international summit, States agreed on the need for sustainable and environmentally-friendly development and adopted the three Rio Conventions on the major environmental challenges.
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Congo Brazzaville - Nouabalé Ndoki National Park - Wali Bai


FFEM’s governance is based on three bodies which interact right from the definition of the fund’s strategy up to the operational implementation of projects.
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In addition to its capacity to appraise project that address the issues of the international agenda for the preservation of global public goods and the Sustainable Development Goals, FFEM promotes concrete and innovative initiatives in the field by all types of actors, for the benefit of the global environment and local development in countries in the South.