Energy transition

To be sustainable, energy strategies need to diversify energy mixes, improve energy efficiency and better integrate the specificities of developing countries.

FFEM promotes the energy transition in these countries by specifically financing projects that provide sustainable and affordable access to energy for all and favor renewable energies in power generation.
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The massive use of fossil fuels leads to the depletion of hydrocarbon resources and deteriorates the climate balance due to greenhouse gas emissions.

The increase and volatility of oil prices and its growing scarcity weaken the energy supply of countries which are too dependent on this resource and make their economies vulnerable to price shocks.

To be sustainable, energy strategies need to diversify energy mixes by integrating renewable energies more, making economies more energy-efficient and better integrating the specificities of developing countries, which are characterized by low rates of access to electricity.


To contribute to decarbonizing power generation and improving energy efficiency, with the objective of providing access to sustainable energy for all, FFEM supports projects that are part of a local strategic framework, tailored to local contexts.

The projects plan to promote:

  • The long-term autonomy and resilience of production systems and units 
  • The strengthening of sustainable energy policies and the capacities of actors

To achieve this, it focuses its actions on four areas:

  • Support for public policies,
  • Financial mechanisms to promote public-private partnerships and scaling-up,
  • The development of renewable energy generation industries or energy-efficient equipment,
  • The development of MRV tools: Measure, Reporting and Verification.
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