FISP Climat

A private sector innovation facility in the area of climate change

A financing solution for developers of innovative projects in developing countries
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Sénégal, Casamance - projet Sunna Design
The FISP-Climat aims to promote innovations in the sector of climate change, led by private actors and developed in an eligible country, in partnership with local actors.

This financing tool strengthens existing mechanisms in order to meet the needs of companies whose investments are hindered in developing countries, in particular in countries targeted by the FISP-Climat.
  • These innovations must be led by the private sector and developed in an eligible country in partnership with local actors.
  • A leverage effect is sought by the active mobilization of private actors in the sector, but also by the contribution of additional financing from the companies themselves or other investors.
  • FISP-Climat is in the form of repayable advances and aims to address the challenge of scaling-up. This type of support will be adapted for companies which develop a portfolio of operations and have a financial need that is not covered to prefinance the development costs of operations.
  • The amount of the financing allocated by the facility corresponds to part of the investment cost of a project and is not intended to be used to only finance feasibility studies or resource studies.

Companies only have the possibility of requesting financial support from FFEM by responding to a call for projects. It may be in the form of a grant or repayable advance. The last call for projects was held in 2018.

Eligible geographical areas

  • Countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) region
  • North Africa-Mediterranean region
  • Other developing countries

A minimum of 50% of projects selected must be located in ACP countries. Beyond these countries, a second level of preference will be given to countries in the North Africa-Mediterranean region.

Eligible project themes

  • Climate change mitigation:
    • The production of electricity, heating and cooling using renewable sources
    • The production of biofuels
    • Energy efficiency in industry
    • Energy efficiency in buildings
    • Waste management and energy recovery
    • Smart grids
    • Urban mobility
    • The emergence of new transport solutions
  • Climate change adaptation:
    • Water management in industry
    • The optimization of wastewater treatment and water distribution networks
    • Pumping water from renewable sources
    • The establishment of observation mechanisms and indicators (MRV)
    • The prevention against risks related to climate change: fires, floods, submersion, etc.

Crosscutting approaches on several themes are also eligible.

Targeted innovations and companies

The innovations targeted must correspond either to the experimentation of scaling-up, based on pre-existing localized innovations, or to the identification, design and/or development of innovations, likely to feed into reflection on sectoral policies or influence them.

The beneficiaries of the FISP-Climat 2018 are private companies or consortia including at least one private company.

projects submitted during calls for projects
EUR 10.3m
committed between 2013 and 2017
projects already ongoing, with EUR 7m allocated
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