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WEEECAM_Tri déchets électroniques

As in every country in the world, the amount of generated WEEE is increasing significantly in Cameroon. In 2019, the production of WEEE in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé was estimated at 23,000 T/year by BRGM. That production of WEEE/capita was expected to almost double by 2030, raising from 10.6 to 19.7 kg/year.

WEEECAM project demonstrate the feasibility and sustainability of an E-waste recovery and treatment business model in developing countries.

The WEEECAM project was awarded the Convergence 2018 prize.

Discover the article of Le Monde published in 2022 on the «ecological bomb» that waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) represents in Cameroon. The article described the WEEECAM project - supported by the FFEM - as one of the routes to a more effective recycling system in Cameroon.

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