Suivi des risques côtiers et solutions douces au Bénin, Sénégal et Togo
Coastal erosion along the West African coastlines is accelerated by human activity and climate change. To combat this phenomenon, the FFEM is supporting the Dakar Ecological Monitoring Centre in promoting nature-based solutions in Benin, Senegal and Togo.

The combined impacts of the artificialisation of coastline frontages, the degradation of natural coastal ecosystems, the extraction of marine materials and the multiplication of dams and reservoirs are all aggravating the risks related to the coastline retreat seen in West Africa. However, in West Africa’s coastal states, the coastal zone is home to 30% of the total population - and 50% of the urban population. Indeed, 56% of their total GDP is found here.

To combat coastal erosion and promote the adaptation of populations, the FFEM is supporting the implementation of the West Africa Coastal Areas (WACA) regional programme initiated by the World Bank. The project is aimed at developing soft solutions on several pilot sites, such as planting or the use of sustainable materials in breakwater construction. It also brings together coastal observation mechanisms in order to guide public policy on the management of coastline areas.


The project comprises four components:

  • Contributing to the functioning and strengthening of the West African Coastal Observation Mission (WACOM) and its partners.
  • Producing data related to understanding coastal risks and capacity-building for WACOM and its partners.
  • Encouraging experience-sharing and the implementing of pilot initiatives to mitigate coastal risks.
  • Running communications and capitalisation activities related to the project.
  • Developing knowledge of the environments and the pressures facing them, together with monitoring systems.
  • Shared governance of coastal areas, by bringing together the observation mechanisms along the West African coastlines.
  • Preserving ecosystems and reducing coastal artificialisation.
  • Improving the resilience of regions faced with natural challenges and the impacts of climate change, through the piloting of soft coastline protection solutions.
Exemplary and innovative characteristic

This project is aimed at implementing soft solutions to protect the West African coastline, encouraging the emergence of innovations to combat coastal erosion in a region that as yet has little recourse to this type of solutions. It also draws from territorial prospective works informed by coastline observation: an exemplary approach helps consolidate our knowledge of this phenomenon.

Project start date
Project end date
Project grant date
4 years
Duration of funding
Benin, Senegal, Togo
Financing Tool
10 217 000 EUR
Amount of the program
1 277 000
Amount of FFEM funding
In progress
The Dakar Ecological Monitoring Centre
Institution responsible
Nordic Development Fund