Call for projects

In the context of its activities, FFEM launches Calls for specific projects on a regular basis. The terms “call for proposals” or “call for projects” refer to the process by which FFEM, either directly or via a programme manager, invites prospective project initiators to apply for FFEM funding for projects with verifiable impacts through a competitive tender procedure.

Through two specific financial tools, FFEM encourages actors in the field to implement their initiatives combining environmental conservation and local development, in particular in Africa. There is a specific procedure for these two financial tools, with calls for projects open for limited periods.
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To respond to French strategy guidelines for biodiversity and to the wishes of civil society, the FFEM funds the Small-scale Initiatives Program (PPI). This program promotes the structuring of new players in Southern civil society that work for the environment, and it provides help in implementing their projects, in line with the international agreements on the environment.

Since 2006, five FFEM grants have helped support more than 200 projects implemented by local organizations. The PPIs in progress, in partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and its French committee, have made it possible to launch conservation projects or nature-based solutions to assist NGOs in West and Central Africa and the Maghreb.


The FISP is a specific financing solution targeting the private sector and operating via donations or repayable advances. Its purpose is to encourage and support innovative initiatives by the private sector that benefit the environment and development. Financing is in this way supplied to the private sector in partnership with local authorities and civil society in developing countries, for projects that can be replicated and that provide economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Since the launch of the FISP in 2012, five calls for projects have been launched in the field of climate change, targeting both mitigation and adaptation: 212 applications were received, 42 selected for examination, and 15 accepted to date.


In the framework of its new 2023-2026 strategy, the FFEM is launching a call for project proposals on “Combating sources of pollution impacting simultaneously the health of ecosystems, wildlife, and local populations as part of the “One Health” approach.

The call for project proposals seeks to encourage field-based actions founded on holistic approaches which uphold the intrinsic links between the three health - human health, animal health and the health of ecosystems in the assembly of projects, primarily targeting environmental issues.

The goal is to support the implementation of innovative pilot projects intersecting development and environmental protection in countries listed by the DAC of the OECD, in particular less-advanced countries and low- and middle-income countries, with the aim of subsequent capitalisation and upscaling.

The call for project proposals will be open until 30 April 2024 at 6pm, Paris time.