The FFEM playing an active role at the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress in Marseille, from 3 to 11 September 2021.

published on 20 August 2021
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The French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM) will be working with its partners ahead of the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress, to be held 3 - 11 September 2021 in Marseille. Organised every four years by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), this event comprises a key stage in the mobilisation of the international community for the conservation of nature and the development of a new global framework for biodiversity, particularly with respect to the post-COVID-19 green recovery

For 25 years the FFEM has been promoting the protection of nature by providing particular support to biodiversity conservation projects, and backing the setting-up of sustainable industries in developing nations. Through showcasing the potential of pilot projects, it aims to create synergies between environmental protection and the development of local populations through innovation and the sharing of large-scale solutions.

What is innovative about the FFEM’s approach is that it merges development objectives with environmental protection concerns. Today, the health crisis, which further weakens certain regions and communities, means that we must weave resilience into our project outcomes by ensuring that they each impact several of the Sustainable Development Goals. Stéphanie Bouziges-Eschmann, Secretary-General of the FFEM

The IUCN Congress, the world’s largest forum for decision-making in environmental matters, represents a critical stage before the holding of the United Nations conferences on biodiversity and climate. As a leading expert on the financing of innovative environmental projects, the FFEM seeks throughout the Congress to contribute to the development of new goals and measures for a better future for nature and people.

The FFEM will be taking part in some twenty events at the Congress, including a themed session on 4 September 2021 organised with the IRD, the OFB and the IUCN on the attenuation and regulation of climate change impacts via the conservation and restoration of mangroves. It will also be a stakeholder in high-level discussions on the resolution of human-wildlife conflicts as well as the nature-based recovery.

The FFEM's programme:

Saturday 4 September

  • 1100-1145 — Conservation Finance Pavilion: The Future of Conservation Trust Funds : Innovation from Stability
  • 1600-1730 — Room H6-I Guadeloupe: Global pressures on mangroves and their communities: solutions from conservation and restoration
  • 1900 — Rowing Club: MPA managers’ network: a new dynamic in the Mediterranean

Sunday 5 September

  • 1000-1045 — Conservation Finance Pavilion: New global alliance for marine protection of MPA managers' networks and conservation trust funds
  • 1100-1145 — Conservation Finance Pavilion: Project BRIDGE: Bridging private finance and conservation towards the 2030 action targets – an initiative by RedLAC and CAFÉ, funded by FFEM
  • 1130-1230 — Ocean Pavilion: An ocean of solutions for climate and biodiversity

Monday 6 September

  • 1000-1230 — Ocean Pavilion: Preserving ecosystems of the high seas
  • 1100-1200 — Room H8 - Alpilles: Structuring networks of local actors to better protect the great apes
  • 1830-2030 — Hall H8 – Palais de l’Europe: For an African civil society at the heart of environmental action

Tuesday 7 September

  • 0950-1030 — Mediterranean Pavilion: The response to the funding gap from institutional bilateral and multilateral donors in the Mediterranean
  • 1000-1045 — France Pavilion: Nature-based solutions: French action for adapting to climate change
  • 1130-1230 — The IUCN French Committee Pavilion: Presentation of the Small-scale Initiatives Programme (Programme Petites Initiatives - PPI)
  • 1400-1515 — France Pavilion: Signature of the PPI/ PPI OSCAN Agreements
  • 1530-1610 — Mediterranean Pavilion: Regional small-grant programmes for biodiversity in the Mediterranean
  • 1615-1700 — Mediterranean Pavilion: Prototyping financial mechanisms adapted to conservation needs in the Mediterranean

Wednesday 9 September

  • 1400-1600 — Palais de la Bourse, Salle des Séances: Mediterranean funding partners’ conference “Future Med: how to fund nature conservation” (ICO Solutions)
  • 1500-1700 — Centre d'Etudes Financières, Economiques et Bancaires (CEFEB): Launch of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) project to support MedPan and MedFund
  • 1830-1900 — Palais de la Bourse, Salle des Séances: Signature of Agreements: SMILO and Plast’ile,

Throughout the Congress:

  • Nature generations spaces — Allée Rabatau: Photo exhibition: “Oases at the summit of the Andes”