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On 17 June 2021 the PEHGUI project (Petite Électricité Hybride - Small Hybrid Electricity) supported by the FFEM since 2015, was inaugurated in the presence of the Guinea authorities and international funding partners.

Led by the Energies for the World Foundation (Énergies pour le Monde) — Fondem — and the Guinea Rural Electrification Agency (Agence Guinéenne d’Électrification Rurale - AGER), the PEHGUI programme has enabled the first solar energy-supplied mini-network to be set up in Guinea. This project effectively addresses the challenge of providing access to energy in a country where the electrification rate remains extremely low.

18 months after entering service, Fondem has helped over 4,000 people to benefit from clean sustainable electricity and consequently enjoy substantially better social, economic and living conditions.