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A_Dynaffor_C_SFID_301117_ © JL Doucet
The XV World Forestry Congress opens on 2 May in Seoul, bringing together the leading players in the forestry sector to assess the current state of forests and their future. With the theme of “Building a Green, Healthy and Resilient Future with Forests”, this edition includes a full week of themed discussions, including sessions addressing “Managing and communicating forest information, data and knowledge”, where the FFEM will be speaking.

This Side Event will be held on Wednesday 4 May from 12.30 to 14.00: “A challenge to harmonize international efforts to fight against deforestation: towards a new, ecologically robust typology of the world’s forests”.
The speakers will be:    

  • Aurélie Ahmim-Richard, Head of Forestry and sustainable agriculture at the FFEM.
  • Dr Richard Eba’a Atyi, CIFOR, Regional Coordinator for the Central Africa region, Senior Scientist working in forestry management, certification, politics and economics.
  • Dr Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury, CIRAD, Ecologist specialising in tropical forest ecology and dynamics.
  • Dr Pierre Couteron, IRD-Amap, Researcher in the ecology of tropical vegetation, working on the link between terrestrial and spatial data when characterising tropical vegetation.
  • Rémi D’Annunzio, FAO, Forestry Officer working on the development of free and open-source solutions for Earth observation.
  • Dr Nicolas Picard, Director of GIP ECOFOR (French Public Interest Group on forest ecosystems)