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For the last 15 years, the Small-scale Initiatives Programme (PPI) has been supporting African civil society organisations (CSO) acting to conserve nature. The programme has just released new videos based on testimonials from its beneficiaries.

Founded back in 2006 to preserve African biodiversity through African CSO, the PPI is financed by the FFEM and the MAVA Foundation and is run by the IUCN French Committee. Currently in its fifth phase, it has supported over 251 projects across 28 African countries. A sixth phase is set to start in 2022, allowing actions currently underway to be further developed and its geographical reach extended.  

The PPI has produced seven videos which present the programme through testimonials from its beneficiaries, and highlight its specific characteristics, such as bespoke mentoring for organisations or supporting the development of newly-established civil society organisations.

Check out the Facebook page and YouTube channel as well as the FFEM Twitter account to watch this first video and all the others every Thursday.