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Sénégal_PRCM_Signature Convention_Resilao
On 28 March 2022, in a side event at the 10th edition of the Regional Coast and Marine Forum, the FFEM signed a financing agreement with the Regional Partnership for the Conservation of the Coastal and Marine Areas (PRCM), the Forum organiser. This signature marks the start of the RESILAO project, which seeks to develop innovative local initiatives for the West African coastal regions.

Driven by urbanisation, the machinery and equipment sectors, tourism, transport and the extractive industries, there has been intense development along the West African coastal areas. As a result, the environment is being degraded, with adverse consequences for biodiversity and coastal communities alike. To slow this trend, the FFEM is co-financing the RESILAO project, set up by the PRCM to develop small-scale innovative local initiatives to build resilience into ecosystems and societies.

The next 5 years, this partnership will focus on innovative local coastal area restoration projects and the promotion of a sustainable blue economy. Ultimately, this sustainable enhancement of coastal ecosystems will improve socio-economic conditions and the social cohesion in local communities. The West African coasts will benefit from increased resilience in the face of growing climatic disturbances.