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Projet Zembo
On Tuesday 23 July, Zembo co-founder Etienne Saint-Sernin and FFEM Secretary-General Stéphanie Bougizes-Eschmann signed a financing agreement for €600,000.

The Pay-As-You-Go model for domestic solar energy systems has revolutionised access to energy in sub-Saharan Africa. By meeting the demand for particular electricity uses (mobile phones, lighting, TV, etc.), 2 million households are now able to access a modern source of power and light. This success opens up many other possibilities for economic and energy applications.

The FFEM is supporting the roll-out of this model for the urban mobility sector by signing a financing agreement with Zembo, a manufacturer selling motorbike taxis which are rechargeable using solar energy. The Zembo project aims to promote e-bike leasing and sales of electric motorbikes to taxi drivers in Kampala, Uganda. The lithium batteries used for these e-bikes will be fully rechargeable at solar-powered charging stations. The project’s main benefits will include offering cheaper energy tariffs per kilometre thanks to the falling cost of batteries, reduced CO2 and fine particle emissions by swapping fuel for solar energy, and less noise pollution.