Coastal and high seas management

FFEM finances operations on the integrated management and resilience of coastal and marine areas.

It supports actions for integrated sustainable management from watersheds to the high seas, beyond areas of national jurisdiction.

By supporting all the stakeholders concerned by the management of this land-sea interface, FFEM contributes to strengthening the governance and resilience of these areas, which remain crucial issues at the present time.
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Coastal and marine areas have an essential environmental, economic and social role.

They shelter unique ecosystems, contribute to climate regulation, provide natural resources and supply a number of economic activities.

However, the concentration of human activities on coastal ecosystems, the cumulative effects of climate change and the weak governance of coastal territories threaten these ecosystems.


FFEM focuses its action on the integrated management and resilience of coastal and marine areas which cover a continuum from watersheds to the high seas, and include the territorial sea and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

This thematic area integrates two approaches related to:

  • Integrated Coastal Area Management
  • Integrated Sea and Coastal Management

It particularly aims to support institutions with responsibilities in managing the Land/Sea interface, in order to improve the coordination of actors, the effectiveness of management measures and environmental quality.

Through its action for this priority, FFEM contributes to:

  • Strengthening the governance and management of coastal areas,
  • Strengthening the governance and management of marine areas located beyond national jurisdictions,
  • The resilience of small island territories.


FFEM’s approach involves:

  • Improving the coordination of actors
  • Optimizing the effectiveness of management measures
  • Promoting environment quality

FFEM operates to implement local projects, with a size gauged to obtain concrete and visible results.

Once these results have been evaluated, they can be disseminated in order to share the lessons learned and good practices.

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Aquatic Ecosystems at FFEM

Since its creation in 1994, international waters and aquatic ecosystems have remained two of the FFE

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