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Manual on reinforcing the skill-sets of pastoral units in Senegal

Pastoral livestock is essential to the survival of communities, as it allows them to develop and maintain otherwise unusable land. This is the situation in the Ferlo region of north-eastern Senegal, where most of the population depends on herding and transhumance for their food and other needs. However, this type of exploitation of natural resources is threatened by recurrent droughts caused by climate change, fodder depletion and agricultural encroachment onto pastoral lands.

The document is a follow-up to the Guide to implementing and managing Pastoral Units in Senegal compiled by Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières under the co-ordination of the Senegalese Ministry of Livestock and Animal Production. This manual is intended to complement the Guide, outlining a training and management plan and containing information, a detailed training programme and a methodology for skills transfer to PUs for use by supporting organisations, projects and programmes working to create and manage Pastoral Units.

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