On 27 June 2022, the FFEM - alongside the National Council for Development and International Solidarity (CNDSI) - presented the issues and prospects documented in its new 2023-2026 strategy.
The session was arranged to receive initial reactions from the FFEM’s partners, in order to finalise this 4-yearly task.

This hybrid event enabled the FFEM to present its partners and civil society organisations with the general principles and new major priority themes for the period 2023-2026, and gather their main comments and questions before writing the final draft. Project sponsors, co-financers, representatives of administrative bodies, experts:  the FFEM’s current and potential partners were able to spend an entire afternoon discussing the organisation’s future strategic objectives with the Facility’s team members.

For several years, such an integrated approach has led to the FFEM’s involvement in a number of major priority themes. For the new 2023-2026 period these will be:

  • Preservation and promotion of biodiversity
  • Resilience of aquatic ecosystems
  • Resilient cities and the energy transition
  • Sustainable forests and agricultural land
  • Product life cycle, Pollution and Waste
Conférence Nouvelle stratégie 2023-2026 27/06

Today, the FFEM’s objective is to continue cultivating our special approach, something that historically comes from our dual mandate on the global environment and development, our focus on Africa - which accounts for two thirds of our activities - and our emphasis on innovation.
The 2023-2026 strategy seeks to increase the FFEM’s added value, which will always be innovation, while also capitalising upon the knowledge and experience drawn from projects in order to disseminate tomorrow’s solutions.
Stéphanie Bouziges-Eschmann ,Secretary-General of the French Facility for Global Environment.


The new strategy is published in January 2023.