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In january 2023, the FFEM published its new strategy 2023-2026 and defined its new priority themes for the environment and development. FFEM has since published five brochures showcasing its various areas of intervention in each of these domains along with its current flagship projects.

For the period 2023-2026, the FFEM is focusing on five priority themes:

  • Biodiversity conservation and enhancement
  • Aquatic ecosystems resilience
  • Sustainable management of agricultural and forests landscapes
  • Adaptation and low-carbon transition in cities and territories
  • Circular solutions and fight against pollution

These themes are consistent with previous strategies but include emerging issues and risks as well as new innovation niches.

As such, the FFEM is continuing to support sustainable development and global environmental protection by setting out guidelines based on learnings from past projects.
These themes are not mutually exclusive. The FFEM encourages projects that cover different themes to foster convergences between biodiversity-climate-pollution, biodiversity- climate-desertification, biodiversity-climate-water, and associated co-benefits. In doing so, the FFEM seeks to support sustainable socioeconomic development per the core international agreements that guide actions to protect the environment.

Also, projects that help reduce climate hazards and variations (mitigation) and exposure and vulnerability to extreme events (adaptation) are useful in preventing, reducing, and responding to the risk of loss and damage.

These brochures are illustrated with projects currently supported by FFEM, and beacon projects from the last 30 years. 

Low-carbon transition in cities and territories
Couv Energy_EN
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Aquatic ecosystems resilience
Couv Oceans
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Biodiversity conservation and enhancement
Couv Biodiversity_EN
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Circular solutions and pollutions
Couv Pollutions_EN
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Sustainable agricultural and forests landscapes
Couv Forest_EN
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