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In 2020, the FFEM celebrated 25 years of action for the environment and development. Over this period it has supported more than 350 projects spread across five themed action areas. The FFEM has today published five brochures showcasing its various areas of intervention in each of these domains along with its current flagship projects.

For the period 2019-2022, FFEM has chosen to focus on five priority themes:

  • Biodiversity protection and enhancement;
  • Sustainable forests and agricultural lands;
  • Resilience of aquatic ecosystems;
  • Energy transition and resilient cities;
  • Product life cycle, pollution and waste.

These themes build on previous FFEM strategies while also identifying new innovation niches for the environment and sustainable development. They respond to the dual ambition of prioritising the most relevant projects, and capitalising upon their experience. These are not mutually exclusive: FFEM champions projects able to generate cross-cutting benefits.

These brochures are illustrated with projects currently supported by FFEM, and beacon projects from the last 25 years.

 Couv plaquette Biodiv VA  Read the Biodiversity brochure

aquatic ecosystems at FFEM   Read the aquatic ecosystems brochure

  Couv plaquette forêts VA   Read the sustainable forests and agricultural lands brochure

Couv plaquette pollutions VA  Read the pollution and waste brochure

 Couv transition énergétique VA  Read the energy transition and resilient cities brochure