The FFEM presents itself to innovative French SMEs for the climate

published on 19 October 2018
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Le FFEM se présente aux PME françaises innovantes pour le climat
As part of a meeting held at Business France on October 19th, the FFEM, alongside the Agence française de développement and the Ministry of the Economy, presented its financing tools for innovative companies in favor of the climate.

For this meeting on the theme "Innovative solutions for climate change in developing and emerging countries", the FFEM General Secretary presented to the participants financial tools available for the private sector. First of all, the FISP-Climat, the Innovation Facility for the Private Sector in the field of climate change. This financing solution, implemented in 2012, supports innovative initiatives from the private sector to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The meeting was divided into three workshops on green solutions for urban logistics and mobility; on agroecology; and on recycling and energy recovery of waste. The opportunity for the FFEM team and participants to discuss the needs of developing countries on these topics and innovative responses that companies can make. Feedback from projects supported by the FFEM fed the debates and enabled the companies present to better understand the mission and role of the FFEM.