The FFEM Steering Committee welcomes Christophe Bories as its new President

published on 26 June 2020
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image aérienne ©Alexis_Rosenfeld
Christophe Bories takes over from Cyril Rousseau at the helm of the FFEM’s Steering Committee. He replaces Mr Rousseau as Deputy Director of Multilateral Financial Affairs and Development at the French Treasury.

Christophe BoriesA graduate of the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) in Paris and former student at the élite French National School of Administration (the Léopold Sédar Senghor promotion), in 2004 Christophe Bories began his career at the French Treasury within the office responsible for banks and credit institutions. In 2006, he turned his focus to debt financing and the Secretariat of the Paris Club. In 2008, he was seconded for 3 years to the World Bank as an economist in the resource mobilisation office at the International Development Association (IDA) before returning to the French Treasury. He then successively ran the offices dedicated to European Bilateral Relations & Financial Instruments and the International Financial System & summit preparation, before being appointed Head of the Regional Economics Bureau in Canberra, Australia. He returned to the French Treasury in 2018 as Deputy Director of the Bilateral Affairs and Business Internationalisation Department.

Christophe Bories has represented France on the boards of the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB). 

This year, he takes over Cyril Rousseau’s role in Multilateral Financial Affairs and Development at the French Treasury, hence his new role as President of the FFEM Steering Committee. He will also represent France on the board of the Green Climate Fund. 

With a busy agenda of project proposals to consider, the next Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for 29 June, despite the health crisis, and will welcome its new President to the chair.