The Shark Fin Bay project in Le petit journal: the Sulubaaï Foundation working to restore coral reefs

published on 22 July 2021
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2020_CPH1042_Ssulubaai-SRP-reef © Corinne Bourbeillon71
In an interview in the online Le petit journal, Frédéric Tardieu, founder of the Sulubaaï Foundation which is running the Shark Fin Bay initiative explains how the project, which is supported by the FFEM, aims to restore marine and coral biodiversity on Palawan Island in the Philippines.

Palawan Island in the Philippines lies within the Coral Triangle in the richest reef zone in the world, counting over 80% of the world’s coral species. However, with 97% of the Philippines’ reefs under threat, it is also at the centre of the most endangered endemism. Since 2020, the FFEM has supported the Sulubaaï Foundation which is working to restore the coral reefs in Shark Fin Bay.

Among the great pressures faced by this little island, destructive fishing practices - including with explosives - had destroyed the reef's structure, resulting in a decline not only of reef diversity but also of the fish which depend upon it. This situation was of even greater concern as it threatened the food security of the local populations.

In just a few years, the Sulubaaï Foundation has implemented innovative reef restoration techniques which have already delivered meaningful results.