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Ssulubaai-SRP-reef © Corinne Bourbeillon13_1
On the occasion of World Ocean Day, the French Facility for Global Environment is publishing a new brochure showcasing its work in supporting aquatic ecosystems, one of its priority themes ever since its foundation.

One of the first projects supported by the FFEM when it was founded back in 1994 was aimed at improving the management of water resources in the Jordan river basin. Since then, the FFEM has never stopped developing and expanding its work to improve the resilience of aquatic ecosystems, from continental waters to the high seas. Coastal areas, wetlands and freshwater hydrosystems: all these aquatic ecosystems are being destabilised by anthropogenic pressure and global warming. To protect and restore their regulatory functions, the FFEM particularly favours nature-based solutions.

This brochure describes the FFEM’s current areas of action, centred around:

  • improving governance of the high seas,
  • restoring coastal ecosystems,
  • and preserving wetlands and associated hydrosystems.

It also looks back at all its work over the last 25 years, particularly through

  • promoting the integrated management of all ecosystems,
  • implementing “research-action” approaches,
  • and preserving biodiversity beyond the high seas.

Iconic projects illustrate each of these areas.

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