Innovative financing of biodiversity

Mobilizing additional and innovative resources for biodiversity conservation.

FFEM’s action aims to support the achievement of the three objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity and to achieve Target 20 of the Aichi Targets for 2020 related to the mobilization of financial resources.
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Humans form an integral part of biodiversity which needs to be protected in order to continue to have natural resources and the services rendered by ecosystems, which are essential to their survival.

Yet a number of ecosystems are today threatened due to human activity.


FFEM’s action is in line with the three main objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity and, in particular, Target 20 of the Aichi Targets for 2020 related to the mobilization of financial resources.

FFEM supports operations combining:

  • Innovative financing mechanisms for biodiversity conservation
  • And the strengthening of institutions and regulatory and legal frameworks

FFEM gives priority to mechanisms that meet the long-term financing needs of biodiversity management:

  • Payments for environmental services
  • Biodiversity conservation trust funds
  • The development of biodiversity-friendly markets
  • Compensation for the residual damage to biodiversity in the “Prevent-Reduce-Offset” sequence

For these four main types of mechanisms, FFEM seeks projects which leverage the increase in financing, while striving to avoid substitution effects and incitement for the withdrawal of public financing.

In all cases, the search for climate/biodiversity co-benefits constitutes added value during the selection of projects.

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