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The FFEM was delighted to take part in the very first virtual congress of the RedLAC and Café Environmental Funds, held on 6 - 8 October 2020.

The environmental funds network for Latin America and the Caribbean, RedLAC, and the African Consortium of Environmental Funds (CAFE) are two regional networks that bring together 43 environmental funds from 30 countries across Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, as well as 3 regional funds. For 8 years, network members have worked together on projects aimed at encouraging innovation in environmental funds and diversifying funding sources while promoting knowledge transfer and best practices between the various environmental funds. This partnership was strengthened by this event, a virtual collaborative congress on the financing of biodiversity, designed to spark knowledge-sharing, networking and dialogue on activities.  On the agenda: seeking out solutions for a sustainable future and the place of sustainable financing in biodiversity conservation.
The FFEM has been supporting the two networks since 2015. Constance Corbier-Bartaux, policy officer for Biodiversity projects within the FFEM, spoke on funding priorities in times of crisis.