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Pelican_Tchad_Zakouma NP_2018-04_© Bruno PORTIER
The SWM (Sustainable Wildlife Management) Programme has just published its 4th newsletter.

The SWM Programme is now on its 2nd year of trialling new approaches aimed at both human development and wildlife conservation. The programme collects data, knowledge and experience from projects undertaken in 12 participating countries, themselves part of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP)
The SWM Programme will soon be launching a common public knowledge management portal, so ensuring that the SWM Programme’s knowledge is made easily and widely accessible on the internet.


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The FFEM’s RESSOURCE project is an integral part of this programme. The project aims to significantly improve the state of natural resources in the Sahel wetlands for the benefit of local populations, particularly in terms of food security and local development.


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