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CMR 1165_2013- Banc d'Arguin Guillaume Chiron
Two studies have just been published, looking at the Diawling park and the Banc d’Arguin National Park. These two Mauritanian national parks receive finance from the FFEM to protect their biodiversity

The study: “The role of marine protected areas in sustaining fisheries: The case of the National Park of Banc d’Arguin, Mauritania” (In French: “Le rôle des aires maritimes protégées dans la durabilité des pêcheries : cas du Parc National du Banc d’Arguin”), was published in the September 2020 edition of the specialist review  Aquaculture and Fisheries.  This was produced as part of the study assessing the ecosystem services at the Banc d’Arguin Park, financed via the FFEM through the BACoMaB trust fund since 2014.

The article “Mauritania’s Economic and Social Ambitions Collide: The Story of Diawling Park” (en français : “Les ambitions économiques et sociales de la Mauritanie entrent en conflit : l'histoire du Parc de Diawling“) was published in April 2020 on the website of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It analyses the tensions between economic development and conservation in the Diawling Park, highlighting the socio-economic interests of the various actors. The author, Intissar Fakir, is a member (and Editor in Chief) of the Carnegie Endowment, an American association and think-tank.
These two parks have received financing for many years from the BACoMaB trust fund, to which the FFEM contributes.