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The Paysage Forestier Nord Congo project
This project, launched on 17 December 2020, uses the Landscape Approach to preserve biodiversity and sustainably manage natural resources, further advancing the region’s socio-economic development.

The agreement for this project was e-signed on 17 December 2020, in the presence of the Congolese Minister for Forest Economy and the French Ambassador.

60% of the Republic of Congo's territory is covered by a forest range, the second largest in Africa. The Congolese forestry sector represents an important source of tax revenue and is central to the country's economic growth. Over the past twenty years or so, construction of new road infrastructures has coincided with the exploitation of this previously isolated forest range. However, this increased accessibility has also encouraged poaching - threatening biodiversity.

The Paysage Forestier Nord Congo project aims to support socio-economic development whilst preserving the exceptional biodiversity. The region covered by the project comprises 19 forestry concessions, 6 protected areas and some agricultural and mining concessions at various sites in the three départements of Sangha, Likouala and the northern part of Cuvette-Ouest. There will be a number of actions, especially in the fight against poaching, setting-up ecological corridors and monitoring protected areas.