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  • Sustainable agriculture and forests
  • Biodiversity
  • Land degradation and chemical pollutants
  • Climate change
  • International waters
  • Innovative financing of biodiversity
  • Coastal and high seas management
  • Sustainable urban territories
  • Energy transition

Aristide Takoukam: “Beyond its technological innovation, the project has encouraged true environmental citizenship”

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Aristide Takoukam is president and founder of the NGO AMMCO (African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization) in Cameroon. He explains how AMMCO has launched apps to monitor and protect endangered marine species in Cameroon. The project is part of the Small-scale Initiatives Programme (PPI) implemented on the ground by the IUCN’s French Committee and funded by the FFEM.
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Covid-19 and lockdown: the FFEM team remains mobilised

In this unprecedented period of Covid-19 pandemic, involving the lockdown of many people, the FFEM team would like to assure its partners of the continuation of the appraisal of current projects. The FFEM also remains attentive to new proposals for innovative projects.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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Event:Ocean-based solutions for climate action - feedback from the field and contributions from marine sciences

2013 - Marsabit Kenya - Crédit Julien Calas, FFEM
A wide range of ocean-based solutions exist to limit climate change and its impacts on marine ecosystems, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation. The contributions of science and feedback from field experiences are essential to their translation into actions, so that global warming can be maintained well below 2°C, and societies and ecosystems can adapt.
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Publication of The FFEM at a glance: find out all about the FFEM

El FFEM en pocas palabras
With 120 million euros of financial resources being allowed for the 2019-2022 period, the FFEM has just renewed its strategy and defined new priority guidelines. What are the new themes covered by the FFEM? How is it organized? How to work with the institution?

The "FFEM at a glance" offers an overview of the FFEM's activities, its areas of intervention, examples of supported projects, and its financing tools.

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